We offer a wide range of services.  Basically anything and everything you need from a technology standpoint is available.  Below is a listing of our most common services, but if you have any questions or need assistance with something you don't see listed just contact us and we can discuss options.


Stop pulling your hair out over buggy, difficult, or high maintenance code.  Automate tedious tasks to improve efficiency, and reduce operator error.  Our development team is highly proficient in all common languages used in technology today to do all these things for you. If you have something specialized, we also have access to a community of developers that we can draw upon for one-off or uncommon project related work.

  • Wallets - Our developers are experienced in new wallet development, upgrading and enhancing existing wallets, and recovery/abatement of chain exploits.
  • Explorers - Provide your users with an explorer that has features and tools they are looking for.
  • Robots - Automate administrative tasks for your team, provide tools and games for your users, the sky is the limit when creating robots for discord, telegram, or any other social media platforms.

Server Setup/Rental

We can provide server setup and/or rentals on some the most highly available servers on the internet.  There are no limitations to the size, number, or OS of servers we can provide.

  • Seed nodes and/or DNS Seeders - Your network is only as good as your nodes.  Get your network stable and fast with properly configured and responsive seed nodes and/or DNS seeders.
  • Explorers - We've all dealt with slow explorers.  Show your users you care and you value their time enough to provide them a responsive explorer.
  • Masternodes - We can provide extremely low cost VPS backend servers for your team to run masternodes, or even provide a single price unlimited plan so you can offer masternode hosting (and monitoring) for every one of your users.


We are here to service you in anything you need technology related.  Some other examples are below, but we are here for you, so if you need something just ask and we can figure out how to help.

  • Email lists/newsletters/routing - Keep your users informed of updates with system alerts and notifications, or a simple newsletter.
  • Training (written/video/live) - Give your team technical training to enable them to successfully support your community.  Reduce your technical help workload by creating written or video documentation and tutorials for your users.
  • Advertising - Many of the services we provide can be obtained by in-service advertising (ads embedded in the a banner ad on an explorer, or an advertisement tagline in a discord bot).  This creates extremely effective and targeted advertising campaigns because you know your message will be going to people who use this technology daily and are interested in hearing about new projects.  So get your project advertisements embedded in the services we provide for other projects.

Coin Specs

Coin Name:NodeZero
Coin Ticker:NZR
Consensus Algorithm:POS (with masternodes)
Block Time:2 minutes
Coinbase Maturity:15 blocks
Minimum Stake Age:1 hour
Minimum Stake Amount:No minimum
Total Max Supply:40,000,000
P2P Port:52271
Masternode Reward:73% of block reward
Staking Reward:25% of block reward
Dev Fee:2% of block reward
Premine:50,000 NZR
Coin Emissions
Start Block End Block Block Reward Masternode Collateral Masternode Reward Staking Reward Dev Fee